It’s a Jackson thing



Austin Brown: The first thing I think about when I hear that name is talent, then talent and lastly, talent. With his vocal range reminiscent of his uncle Michael Jackson and El Debarge combined, he is sure to take the musical world by storm.

Of course, his singing talent is not the only thing that is endearing about him, as many female fans would agree. It is his down-to-earth casual style by day and his crooner charm by night. (I’m talking about his fashion sense, get your mind out the gutter). Most importantly, it’s his friendly smile that rarely fades.

Most say that he is following in his uncle, Michael Jackson’s footsteps. He confirms this by saying he intends to carry the late King of Pop’s legacy. Needless to say, Brown also follows in MJ’s dance-steps. However, I think that he is doing more than that. He has his own shoes to fill and judging by his potential, those shoes are quite big. I am talking about the intricate  and urban sound in his album, Highway 85. Some of my favourite tracks are Groove 92, Slow down and Friend to Me. The sound is also, to a certain extent, influenced by Michael Jackson.

According to his producer, Rodney Jerkins, AKA Dark Child; “Real music is coming back. It’s what sells now.” If that’s the case, then Austin Brown’s foot is at the door.

Trudy Rozani


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