Beyond the cover: Burn Survivor graces the cover of Australian Women’s Weekly Magazine

Turia Pitt, Australia Women’s Weekly

The saying: “Don’t judge a book by its cover” could not have been more relevant. According to, Australian Women’s Weekly magazine took a different and brave approach to drawing its readers. This they did by featuring a surviving burn victor (rather than victim), Turia Pitt (aged 26). Three years ago, she was caught in a Bushfire during an ultra-marathon in Australia.

While she is reputed to be an all-round “incredible human being” (E!online); she is also surrounded by equally incredible people such as her significant other, Michael Hoskin. No coveting intended, but what a beautiful hunk he is. Pitt gives veteran singletons like myself hope that it takes more than the over-rated (and cliche) aesthetic beauty to find and have true love.

Her positive attitude shines in that she has used her experience to write a book called Everything To Live For, which is critically acclaimed. In a world where girls are supposed to be “pretty, not smart” (Women24), her story is an ideal anti-thesis thereof. This is why: She has a degree in Mining Engineering and Science. Add to the above, is also an athlete and a motivational speaker. And this is why the title of her book makes so much sense.

In the face of her adversity, she regards herself “the luckiest girl in the world”, effectively reminding us to count our blessings. We sure hope to meet her one day so we can take some life tips.

Learn more about her story her  story here.

It seems E! and I are not the only ones who are happy about @WomensWeeklyMag’s move. #TuliaPitt

In an industry that tends to be idealistic (and superficial), This magazine has clearly gone against the current. Hopefully this is not the last of stories such as this one. More women (like Turia) from different walks of life should be given the opportunity to testify, thus the privilege to inspire.

In other news:

by: Trudy Rozani


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